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Patient associations

In Belgium, patients diagnosed with SpA can search for information or come together with other patients through the patient organizations.


ReumaNet vzw unites Flemish patient associations that raise awareness of rheumatic diseases. ReumaNet fights for regulations in order to make life easier for thousands of patients, to guarantee affordable and adequate care, to keep patients professionally active and to make leisure activities possible.

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CLAIR (Contre les Affections Rhumatismales Inflammatoires) brings together French-speaking patients and patient associations with rheumatic diseases in Belgium.

They wish for a world where every patient can have a better life thanks to good information about his disease, affordable and qualitative treatments and support for maintaining professional and leisure activities.

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VVSA vzw is a Flemish association of and for people with (axial) spondyloarthritis and their families. You can come to VVSA for information about spondylitis, contact with other patients, customized exercise if you have the disease, a listening ear, ... Everyone who works in the association does so voluntarily and lives with the disease themselves.

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The French association Arthrites was born from the desire of patients who wanted to break the isolation in which they found themselves. It covers 4 conditions: juvenile arthritis, PsA, SpA and rheumatoid arthritis.

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